A playground for children and adults alike
Children often tire of sightseeing and shopping when on holiday but Villa RaJa is not just a luxury playground for adults. Designed by the builders responsible for Kuta's multi-million dollar "Waterbom" park, the Villa's "Shorterbom" is a 12m slide that will send them skimming into the beautiful fresh water of the 22m pool and keep them entertained for hours.

Oscar the resident tortoise is easily spotted as he paddles around the lily pond, he's used to being handled and loves a piece of bread. The giant albino catfish will also happily slurp fish food from little fingers.

If the kids are in need of some rest, plenty of children's DVDs can be found in the cool, dark comfort of the cinema room, and you can relax in the knowledge that your children are well fed and supervised by Villa staff if you wish to go out and explore on your own.